This is my main computer, an ATARI FALCON 030 with a CT60.

So I have put the mother board inside a big tower :

SCSI devices are inside the tower : a CDRW, a CD-ROM reader, a DVD reader and a ZIP drive.
There are also an IDE CompactFlash reader build at home :

And also an LCD display who is used by default for see time and temperature :

Backward the tower, excepted some ports, all connectors of the mother board are connected to the tower : Additionnal ports added : Connectors not installed : LAN to serial transformation :

For connect an optical mouse and a keyboard PS2, the Eiffel card is installed.
For put the Falcon inside a local network with an iMac the EtherNEC cards are installed.

The Classic PIC Programmer of David Tait realized on an old card; was great for program the PIC 16F876 of the Eiffel card.

For connect joysticks on the Eiffel card, the program was modified (thanks to Laurent for his sources).
This is the PIC developper and flash tools on Falcon (4.27 MB).

1 : +5V, Red
2 : +5V, Red
3 : -5V, White
4 : Ground, Black
5 : Ground, Black
6 : Ground, Black
7 : Power On, Green
8 : Ground, Black
9 : -12V, Bleu
10 : +3,3V, Orange
11 : +12V, Yellow
12 : +5V Standby, Violet
13 : Power Good, Grey
14 : Ground, Black
15 : +5V, Red
16 : Ground, Black
17 : +5V, Red
18 : Ground, Black
19 : +3,3V, Orange
20 : +3,3V, Orange

The power supply is moved at the top of the tower and a plate of aluminium replace the power supply and for put the SCSI connector.

Below the CT60 just installed...

The old XC68060RC60 Revision 1 (mask 1F43G) overclocked to 69.7MHz, and the latest MC68060RC50 Revision 6 (mask 1E41J) overclocked to 100MHz...

Below the watercooling...

The Thermaltake Aquarius II kit...