SONDIGIT is an old program for sample, begun in 1987.
This is the features :

Sound digitizer with or without direct to disk.
Works on all Atari ST/STE/TT/FALCON or clone.
Uses the DSP on FALCON.
Runs equally on MultiTOS/Magic/etc...
A sound driver for MagiCMac is present for record samples.
The files supported are :

A card on // port is required for record mono samples on ST/STE/TT, there are plans realized with ZZ-2D and Platine ST.
Documentation in French, program in English/French.

This is some screens :

The modification of the waveform from a file loaded in memory.

D2D reading of a file, the RECORD button allows to overwrite the file.
The program has a level display and an equalizer for see levels.